Situation and characteristic of the area:

Caños de Meca are next to the Cabe of Trafalgar, famous naval batte to which give name. To the south of Andalucía, in the vicinity of the strait of Gibraltar, in the country of Cadíz, to 8 Km. of Barbate, 9 Km. of Conil and 10 Km. of Vejer.
Located inside the natural park "Acantilado y pinares de Barbate" with a extension of 3130 Ha. and their part of coast of 1113 Ha.

A view to the west from the nearest beach to the house.
(the house is about 30 metres from this place)


A view to the east from the nearest beach to the house.
(the house is about 30 metres from this place)


A place to enjoy the sunset.
(the house is about 30 metres from this place)


A view from the same street where the house is.
(view of the "Playa de las Cortinas")


Street wiht palm trees in the center of the village.
(same street where the house is)


The coast, for the rock type and sandy bottom harbors a great wealth marine fauna. Their beaches of white and fine sand with their crystalline waters, have as additional attractiveness the natural grottos and cascades of sweet water of their cliffs.

Sunset in the natural park "La Breña".
(the house is about 100 metres from this place)

The forest of pines piñoneros harbors a mediterranean vegetation, rosemary, span, sabinas, juniper and heath.

The construction of the area, in its biggest part composed by isolated rural housings of typical Andalusian style guarantees a low population density in the months of summer.

The tourism and rent of houses for vacations, the gathering of pineapples, the extensive cattle raising, for the vicinity the fishing in Barbate that is one of the fishing and sport ports of the south of Spain, is the main economic resources of the area.



Magnificent conditions for activities like sport fishing, submarinismo, practic canoe, mountain bike, golf, kitesurf, windsurf, surf, trips to horse, to go for a walk for the natural park, etc.. that are suitable activities to carry out in this area, for their marine funds, sea conditions and wind, and natural environment.
Maybe for the tranquility and the great extension of their beaches, in those that the swimmers are very dispersed, be one of the secret favorite places to practice the nudism.

Beaches in Caños de Meca


Playa de Las Cortinas

Last great cove before arriving at impressive cliffs of limestone white color and more than one hundred meters of height that arrive until the beach of Hierbabuena in Barbate. Nudist beach. Practices of diving.


Playa de Los Castillejos

Small wild steep sand coves fine and golden and crystalline waters between the beach of Cortinas and Cabo de Laja. Nudist beach. Practices of surf and diving.


Playa Cabo de Laja

Nailed fine and urban golden sand beach in spectacular landscaping surroundings, between the beach of Marisucia and Los Castillejos. Practices of surf and diving.


Playa Marisucia

Fine and golden sand full virgin dune beach that extends from the Trafalgar light to Los Caños de Meca (between the beach of Faro and Cabo de Laja). Nudist beach. Practices of kitesurf, windsurf and surf.


Playa del Faro

Small wild and spectacular beach of sand fine and golden and crystalline waters to the feet of the light of Trafalgar. Nudist beach


Playa de Zahora y Mangueta

Golden and rustic fine sand beach, that extends from the Cabo de Trafalgar to El Palmar (between the beach of Faro and a village colled El Palmar). Ideal for the practice of the surf.


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